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Jose Gorbea has been iLL FADED since he was born in Anaco, Venezuela. When he was young, his family moved to the United States where they eventually settled in Houston, Texas. Coming up in the game as a music producer and audio engineer, he played the background role complimenting other artist’s movements. It lead him to work with legendary artist’s like “Devin The Dude, Scarface, South Park Mexican, E-40, Fat Tony & Ice Cube”. Fast forward several years later, iLL FADED is now a DJ, rapping, producing and releasing his own solo projects. He was listed for having one of “15 Best Songs of 2016″ by HoustonPress for his track “Do My Thing” featuring “Fat Tony & Kam Franklin”. He was also listed for one of “12 Of The Years Best Album’s” by Houston Chronicle for his project “No Big Deal” that was also remixed and Chopped Not Slopped by DJ Candlestick & hosted by OG Ron C iLL FADED has performed at festivals like “Free Press SummerFest, SXSW, NRML, Forecastle and Day For Night”. Recently iLL hit over 1 million views on youtube for a song that he produced for legendary rapper E.S.G. of the “Screwed Up Click” called “SouthSide Still Holdin” and is about to release the remix featuring “Bun B, Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Lil O, Dat Boi T, Trilly Polk”. He also hit over 1 million views on youtube for a song that he spits on with Mexican rapper “Aleman” on the song “Otra Vez”.

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  • Ill Faded con raps y traps en el Noisey Mix de la semana (Paulina Garcia - Noisey Mexico)
    ``Para quienes se perdieron las noches de Function, decidimos recordarlas pidiéndole a iLL Faded un mix además de tener una breve charla con él para hablar más a fondo de todo el trabajo que hace en cuanto a producción, sus colaboraciones y el tiempo que él y Fat Tony pasaron en la Ciudad de México durante el 2016.``
  • 12 Of The Years Best Albums (Joey Guerra - Houston Chronicle)
    ``Ill Faded: DJ and producer Jose Gorbea has worked with the likes of Fat Tony and Guilla. He takes center stage as Ill Faded on ``No Big Deal,`` surrounded by full-bodied production and atmospheric, pop-leaning grooves.``
  • The 15 Best Houston Songs Of 2016 (Marco Torres - Houston Press)
    ``Dreamy and uplifting, ``Do My Thing`` pits three of Houston's most creative and passionate musicians on a confidence-building track. Haters better get out of the way of the Get Faded movement taking over venues and dance floors from H-Town to Mexico City.``
  • US Rappers to Mexico City With New Club Night (Caitlin Donohue - Remezcla)
    ``It’s pure hijinks when Tony plays with his DJ and fellow Houston emcee Ill Faded, the kind of funny hip-hop that you don’t see too much in Mexico City’s scene. Their sets bring to mind rap game Vegas lounge singers, complete with banter, the occasional Prince cover, and rounds of drinks ordered to the stage. That refusal to take themselves seriously on stage may be why hip-hop fans in the Mexican capital keep coming back. The boys are show business, so if they don’t get you with the verses, they’re coming for you with the charisma.``

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